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How to Choose the DIN Rail Terminal blocks


What are the signs of the appearance of the Terminal Block? The terminal block spinal block specifically refers to the series of combined wiring fixtures in electrical engineering. The number of terminals in each row is different, and the model number can be determined according to the needs of engineering technical parameters.

In the power electronic distribution line, when the equipment inside the screen is connected with the equipment outside the screen, some special terminal blocks must be passed. These terminal blocks are combined and called the terminal block. The function of the terminal block is to connect the devices in the screen and the lines outside the device to play the role of signal (current and voltage) transmission.

There are two major factors affecting the choice of terminal blocks, one is the power factor and the other is the appearance factor. The third is to use environmental factors.

The power factor mainly considers the rated current, voltage and power factor of the terminal, and according to the magnitude of the load current and voltage, select the corresponding level and leave the terminal.

The appearance factor mainly considers the aesthetics and coordination of the terminals in the entire electrical layout.

Screw Connection Din Rail Terminal Block

The use of environmental factors mainly considers the convenience of the operator and the environmental requirements of the equipment itself. The convenient operation is the desire that everyone pursues, reducing labor intensity and improving work efficiency. For the environment in which the equipment is located, such as whether the vibration frequency is too large, whether the dust is too large, etc. You can choose the appropriate terminal block.

In almost all electrical products, connectors have become a must-have element for connecting components. The connector is not only for the purpose of disassembly, but also provides a carrier for current and signal for the product.In the process of using the connector, perhaps there has been a similar experience: the use of cheap connectors, and finally pay a high price, and even regret it. Incorrect selection and use of connectors can result in system failures, product recalls, product liability cases, board damage, rework and repairs, which in turn can result in lost sales and customers. Therefore, when designing, be sure to choose a suitable connector for the device. Otherwise, the situation that a small connector makes the whole system inoperable is a crash.

The 222series terminal block completely avoids the above-mentioned safety hazards caused by poor

connection; our connector uses ROHS-compliant materials and is environmentally friendly;

the shell is made of flame-retardant transparent PC, nylon PA66, and the conductor is

tinned with pure copper. Small, low electrical loss, imported stainless steel circlip, and durable, reusable.

Quick Push In Wire Connectors

First, cost control will be considered. Others are high quality, high stability, and the design features of the connector itself. In order to avoid the underestimation of the importance of the connector in the design process, due to small loss. The connector plays a role in the whole system design, engineers not only need to pay attention to chip technology when selecting electronic components. With the DIN Rail terminal block, the wiring is beautiful and easy to maintain, and the connection between the long distance lines is mainly firm, and the construction and maintenance are convenient.

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