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Din rail terminal block------barrier terminal block

Today we want to talk about today is referred to as fast connect the benefit of using this type of Terminal Block connection is it allows the operator to terminate the wire without the need for stripping the insulation this is also a gas sealed connection which helps us prevent the wire from becoming corroded to degraded in any way .

Let me demonstrate how we make this connection simply take a wire that has not been stripped of its insulation insert it into the proper terminal make sure the wire is fully seated take a precision screwdriver insert it into the slit pry that terminal back to the center of the terminal block. what this dose is allows the terminal block to displace. The insulation to make proper contact with the wire once. We've done this we have a very secure safe connection that required no tools. The last type of terminal block connection we want to talk about today is referred to as a barrier terminal block . The benefit of being able to use a barrier of terminal block is it allows us to use ring or spade terminal ate the end of our wire. This type of terminal block is commonly. Used in the rail and transportation industries or wear vibration might become a common problem . Let me demonstrate how we make this type of connection. We first want to make sure that our wire has either a spade or ring terminal properly crimped and connected then we are going to insert the ring terminal over the bolts on the barrier terminal block. We're gonna push the lever down on the top of the terminal block. Until it is fully seated then we're going to take a common flat head screwdriver and secure the nut over the bolts. At this we have a secure connection that will resist loosening due to vibration.
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