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Wonke Electric Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer founded in 1999, specializing in electrical engineering with all kinds of terminal blocks, air fans filters, etc. We have our research and development team to bring out various kinds of products and solutions to meet the customers' requirements. Our products are widely applied to electronic equipment, machine building, plants engineering, process industry, etc. To complete internationally, your plants need to satisfy high standards of safety, quality and performance. These targets can be achieved with our products and services. We can help you bring new ideas and solutions for providing customers around the world, OEM is also support. This is also what we understand for services.

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  • September 18 2020

    Terminal blocks for more information about terminal blocks and how they work

    Today however we want to tell you the top 5 things you must know .When using terminal blocks so let's get started. Number 1 planning goes a long way with such a wide variety of terminal blocks that can be used. It is essential to make sure that you have a proper plan in place for your specific application. It is important to use the correct types of terminal blocks in the various circuits you intend to wire.If the wrong types of terminal blocks are used. It can cause many issues not to mention .It can be very dangerous so take some time before you get started and plan out what is actually needed. Number 2: Do you need a disconnect when using terminal blocks .You need to consider what you want it to do the most basic types of terminal blocks.Is simply act as a junction point,this will allow current to pass through with nothing to stop it . But if you need to stop the current from flowing, you will need some kind of disconnect ,there are a variety of different types of terminal blocks that have manual disconnects that can be used for this very purpose.So select the one that will best fit your needs. Number 3: What about protection think about the circuits that you are wiring. And how terminal block integrates with those circuits in many cases.You will need to protect the devices connected to these terminal blocks. In this case you can use terminal blocks that have a place for a fuse to be connected. With the ability to add fuses wherever you need them, it can offer great flexibility. When designing your electrical circuits and can add extra levels of safety whenever you feel it is actually needed. Number 4 if you're tight on space multi-level terminal blocks may be answer.When dealing with situations where there's very little room to accommodate the amount of lo that is needed for your specific scenario. Multi-level terminal blocks can allow you to wire multiple points or circuits in much less space than if you are

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  • September 18 2020

    What a terminal block is and how they actually work.

    Today's we want to talk to you a little bit about terminal blocks . But to better illustrate what a terminal block is and how they actually work. Today we simply have two wires that are twisted together does an electricity pass through this it absolutely does.Does it work, yes is it safe not really. Is it gonna be secure or hold together not really if I give a little bit of tug. It's gonna come right apart not a great connection but it works. One step up from that something that might be an improvement or a little bit better, We've all seen this before again. We have two wires this time we have a wire not commonly seen in your home or any kind of commercial or industrial building. Same thing happens here we have current passing through electricity works .This is definitely much safer ,it's gonna be a lot more secure. So this will work but today again we want to talk to you about terminal blocks which is going to be a more industrial type of connection just like with the other two connections. We have two conductors coming in we have a connection point. It's very secure it's safe commonly used in industrial applications and it is going to be one of the best types of connections that we can use for industrial control cabinets. Like you see here so now that we have a basic understanding of what a terminal block. Looks like it is I want to show you several different types of terminal blocks that are commonly in the industry. We're gonna with what we've already seen which is single level pass-through terminal block. In this type of terminal block we're gonna have a conductor coming in this side and another conductor leaving this side just like with the nut It's simply going to allow electricity to pass through. This no way to disconnect power or to protect anything on either side of this terminal block . This is the most commonly used type of terminal block. Usually used to distribute power within a control panel. Also can be used for signal connections.

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  • September 18 2020

    DIN Rail Terminal Block-----multi-level terminal block

    The next type of terminal block you want to talk to you about today ,It's multi-level terminal block . In today's case we have a two layer or two-level terminal block the bottom layer just like with the single level is just a pass-through there's no ability to disconnect refuse that connection . So we have one conductor coming in one side simply going out the other .The top level is going to act much like the fuse terminal block . We're gonna have one conductor going in, we're gonna have electricity coming up passing through the fuse and it will go out through the other side .Just like with the fuse terminal block . I can disconnect power by pulling the fuse out or if we have too much current or electricity passing through the fuses,I can disconnect power by pulling the fuse out or if we have too much current or electricity passing through the fuses will blow protecting any components that we might have connected to this terminal . Now that we've talked about a few the different types of terminal blocks . We want to discuss why we might use terminal blocks and one of the biggest reasons is for safety purposes. When we have operating inside industrial control panels we want to make sure we have very safe connections where we don't have any exposed wire or terminations and terminal blocks, allow us to accomplish that another reason we use terminal blocks is they're very very durable .Which is why they are used in industrial applications .And one of the biggest reasons we use terminal blocks is for organizational purposes . As you can see here we have an industrial control panel. And you can clearly see that we have a lot of different wire terminations and things happening here. But what we do have is a very clean organized way of identify the types of wires .We have safe connections you can also probably see we have a lot of the different terminal blocks that we've already discussed in this video. First you can see here we have single lev

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